Small Tasks A Handyman Can Tackle

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Are there little things in your home that are broken, or that do not operate as they should? These small problems tend to pile up over time. Sometimes you get used to just living with them, but once you get them fixed, you wonder why you did not do so sooner. The good news is that a lot of these small, common household fixes can be addressed by a handyman service. Here are four such tasks.

Changing smoke detector and CO alarm batteries.

It's important that your smoke detectors and CO alarms all have working batteries. If yours are far up on the wall or are mounted on your ceilings, they may be hard to reach. A handyman service can replace all of the batteries in your smoke detectors and alarms. They can also check the date on those units and, if needed, replace any that have reached or are close to their expiration date.

Fixing window latches and locks.

Do some of your windows have latches and locks that no longer work? They may get stuck, or they might be hard to operate because they are rusty and sticky. A handyman can either lubricate or replace these latches and locks to ensure all of your windows close and lock securely again. They can do the same thing for any of your doors that don't open, close, latch, or lock properly.

Replacing a thermostat.

Is your thermostat broken? Maybe it is just old and outdated. In either case, your handyman should be able to replace it. Replacing a thermostat usually only requires a few tools as long as the new unit is put in the same location as the old one. A new WiFi or smart thermostat could help you save money by monitoring your heat and air conditioning use.

Hanging towel bars and other hooks.

It is important that towel bars and various hooks are mounted properly so they don't fall out of the wall when you hang something on them. A handyman can typically mount such bars and hooks to the wall for you. They can also re-hang any bars or hooks that are loose or that have fallen off over the years.

If you need any or all of the tasks above completed, talk to a handyman service near you. They can give you an estimate and tell you how much they might charge for these and other services.