Home Improvements A General Contractor Can Perform

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A general contractor can help with any projects you may need done on the interior or exterior of your house. These can include things like refinishing a surface, replacing a component, or repairing or remodeling a specific area in your home. Here are four types of home improvements a general contractor can perform.

1. Roof Replacement

While a new roof can be a daunting project to undertake, a general contractor often has the expertise and skill set needed to complete a re-roofing job well. Roofing materials need to be chosen and installed correctly, with good technique, for a roof that functions and lasts well, so you shouldn't DIY this type of job.

2. Insulation Upgrades

Some homeowners find that the insulation in their walls may settle as time goes on, leaving gaps where cold air can sneak through. Or you may find that your insulation has been damaged by moisture or pests. A general contractor can help to add more insulation inside the walls so your home will be energy efficient.

Some other ways a general contractor could help improve your home's insulation include:

Any of these types of insulation can help protect your home against the winter weather outdoors.

3. Weatherproofing and Air Sealing

In addition to improving insulation, general contractors can help you keep your home's air inside and the outdoor air outside by working on weatherproofing and air sealing various elements of your home.

Some elements that may need weatherproofing or air sealing include drafty doors and windows, holes in the walls (such as those for electrical wiring), and gaps in the floor where wiring or plumbing enter. For instance, the floor beneath your bathtub may have a rather large hole cut to allow pipes through, and sealing around the pipe can help keep unheated air out.

4. Interior Remodels

If the interior of your kitchen or bathroom is looking shabby or you just want an upgrade, general contractors can perform remodels to turn these spaces into the modern, functional rooms you need. Whether that means replacing the floors and countertops, changing the layout of the kitchen, adding cupboards and an island, or all of the above, a general contractor can help.

These are just a few of the ways that general contractors can help homeowners with upkeep and upgrades around the house. Whether you're looking for interior work or exterior work, a general contractor can help you get your house to where it needs to be with a quality roofing job, remodel, or other contracting work. Contact a company like KMN Builders to learn more.