What To Know About Adding More Insulation To Your Attic

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Have you ventured up into your attic and discovered that you don't have much insulation up there? If so, you're likely wondering if it's worth adding more to your home to help control the temperature a bit more. Here are some things to know about adding more insulation to your home.

Old Insulation Settles Over Time

Attic insulation is not something that you install and then completely forget about. If you have existing rockwool insulation, know that it is going to settle over time. You may have had enough insulation to completely cover the surface of your attic at one point, but now see that it is below the joists of the attic. If this is what is happening in your attic, it is worth adding more insulation.

New Insulation Shouldn't Have A Moisture Barrier

If you are adding the insulation on your own, you'll likely be placing new insulation on top of old insulation. In this instance, please be aware of if the new insulation has a moisture barrier or not. This is very common when you use batt insulation since it comes in rolls and typically has that layer along the bottom.

This moisture barrier will actually trap moisture between the two layers if it is put directly on top of the old insulation. Moisture barriers are great for that initial layer of insulation, but shouldn't be used when adding more on top of existing insulation. If so, you'll find that the insulation on the bottom will become moist and eventually become useless. 

New Insulation Should Be Cut To Size

It is not enough to simply cover the old insulation in the attic with a roll of batt insulation. You'll want to take the time to cut each piece of insulation to size so that it fits snugly between the joists of your attic. By placing the insulation tightly in this space, it prevents air from getting through the insulation. You'll find that the insulation is much more effective overall since there are no gaps in your barrier that is trying to prevent air from getting into or out of your home. 

Insulation Cannot Be Used For Storage Space

Once you have that new insulation in place, it is important that you do not store items on top of the new insulation. It is going to crush the insulation and compress it, causing the insulation to be less effective overall.

To learn more, reach out to a local insulation service.