Futuristic Roofing Materials And Their Responses To Hostile Weather

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When choosing the best roof for your home, you probably want to consider not only the aesthetics but also how well your roof will perform. Your roof's response to any harsh weather conditions in your area could be the difference between a cozy winter and a desperate call to the roof repair company.

So if your area experiences hurricanes, hail, winter storms, or other extreme weather events, you'll want to ensure your chosen roof material is up to the challenge. Here are three modern, futuristic roofing materials and how they hold up in extreme weather.

1. Rubber Roofing

Recycled rubber roofing can be considered a modern, eco-friendly innovation because it gives another life to used materials. This futuristic material can then be formed into a highly insulating roofing product. It's not the coolest roof, so you may wish to add a cool roof coating. However, this type of roof can be excellent for withstanding hostile weather conditions.

Not only can rubber endure cold conditions and hailstones with ease, but it's relatively immune to the everyday assaults of the sun's UV rays as well. The downfall of rubber is that if it has to withstand severe heat for long periods of time, it may shrink over the years.

2. Concrete Roofing

Although concrete roofing may sound like it's going to give your home an industrial aesthetic, this is actually a modern material that can provide a wide variety of appearances, shapes, styles, and colors for your roof. One common form that concrete roofs take is that of concrete tiles. Concrete is fairly impervious to many weather types, which is one of its best benefits.

Concrete roof tiles are typically tested for their resistance to impacts and their fire resistance as well as their resistance to wind itself. Some of these products have the ability to hold up in high winds if installed correctly. Be sure to check the test results for the specific product you're considering. And look for concrete that has low porosity and has a water-resistant coating to avoid freeze-thaw damage.

3. Synthetic Slate Roofing

Synthetic slate roofing products, made of polymers, can provide a polished, slate-like appearance to your home. Choose a high-end product and check the specifications to ensure you're getting a highly durable product. High-end synthetic slates provide high resistance against wind, shattering, cracking, and fire. 

These three futuristic roofing materials may provide the aesthetics, durability, and weather resistance you're looking for. Talk to a residential roofing contractor to decide which materials are available.