Water Draining Slowly? Why Your Drains Are Sluggish

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One of the biggest signs of a drain clog is your water draining slowly. If you have water draining slowly in just one of your drains, or if they are all draining slowly, it may be a clog somewhere in your home. If all of your drains are draining slowly, chances are you may have a clog out further in your main drainage line. If you have slow-draining drains in your home, you need to figure out what has caused the problem and what you can do about the problem. Read on for information.

What Caused The Clog?

The clog in your drains may have been caused by something you put into the drains. Just because you can flush something down your toilet or wash something down the drain doesn't mean that they can't eventually cause a clog. Thing like grease or paint can harden in the drain and leave your drains clogged. Other things, such as food, shouldn't be flushed down the toilet either for the same reason. Your beef stew that you didn't want to throw into the trash can end up hardening in the toilet drain as well. 

Food waste and anything other than toilet paper (and your own waste) should not be put into the drains of your home at all. Even tissues or flushable wipes can end up clogging your drains, as they don't break down like toilet paper does. You may also have a very sensitive system that requires you to use one-ply toilet paper, as it breaks down much faster than two-ply does. Consider changing your type of toilet paper to prevent further clogs in your toilet.

What Can You Do About It?

If you are experiencing slow or sluggish drains, you can attempt to clean out your drains yourself using a store-bought drain cleaner, or you can snake the drain in your toilet, but if it's an issue further out in your system, you may need a commercial-grade snake or cleaner to clean out the drains. Calling a plumber for help to clean your drains is going to be the best thing you can do, as they will be able to clean out the drain completely, rather than simply pushing it out further and causing future issues.

If you are experiencing problems with your drains acting sluggish or slow, call a plumber who offers drain cleaning services for help. They can also get to the bottom of what caused the issue in the first place so you can prevent future issues.