About Patio Cover Materials And Designs

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If you want to start enjoying your patio whenever you want, then you need to have a patio cover installed. The cover will make it so you can enjoy the patio in the daytime without worrying about getting sunburnt and having the sun in your eyes. You will also be able to enjoy the patio when it is raining and even when it's snowing. A patio cover adds just the protection you need to open your patio up for your entertainment and even relaxation needs. There are different types of patio covers that you can go with and here are a few of the materials you can choose from.

Aluminum – If you go with an aluminum cover for your patio, then you will be glad to know it is both lightweight and strong. You can enjoy hearing the tapping of fresh rain falling on the aluminum cover during rainfalls. Another one of the great features about this type of patio cover is that it is going to be resistant to pests like termites, and this would be a concern with a wood patio cover.

Wood – You may want to go with a wood patio cover if you want to tie the cover into the house by having the patio cover installed to look as if it is an extension of the house. You want to have the beams painted to match the trim of your home, which will also be the same color as the beams in your home's eaves. You may even want to have the cover slope with your roof, and have it covered in the same roofing material to help it really look as if it was built with the home.

Vinyl – You can also go with a vinyl patio cover. A vinyl cover can end up looking like wood, if this is something you would like. While it can look like wood, it will be lighter, and it will be more resistant to weather damage than natural wood would be. Vinyl is very easy to clean, and it can be painted over to change its look.

Lattice – A lattice patio cover is a cover that has a lattice design, and this is a design in which the patio cover has many open areas with the solid material only making diamond shapes throughout the entire cover. A lattice patio cover can be made of wood or it can be made of vinyl. With a lattice cover, you will have some shade and a little protection, but the sun and rain can still come through the lattice.