Three Symptoms Of Foundation Issues

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Your home's foundation is the support that holds up the rest of your home and is thus placed under a great deal of constant and regular stress. Further, if your foundation does become damaged, it can cause all sorts of complications for the rest of your property. Being aware of the different warning signs associated with foundation damage makes it easier for you to figure out if and when you need to talk to a foundation repair specialist about inspecting your property and your repair options moving forward. 

Visible Cracks

The clearest sign that your foundation is suffering from damage is if you can see signs of cracking or physical damage. You should keep an eye on both the interior walls of your crawl space or basement, as well as the exterior walls and masonry of your property as cracks can appear on either side but still represent the same danger to your home. In a related note, a shifting or uneven foundation can cause cracking to occur throughout your home, even if no cracks have taken hold in your foundation itself. Pay attention to the areas around door and window frames, which are the most likely to suffer in the event that your foundation shifts.

Sagging Walls

Another clear sign that your foundation may be suffering from structural issues that will require addressing in the near future is if you notice that the walls in your basement or crawlspace have begun to sag inwards. This is a sign that your foundation is not able to adequately support the weight of your property. These walls will have to be reinforced in order to prevent a complete collapse. In severe cases, you may also notice that the sagging of the walls in your basement or crawlspace also causes your floors on higher levels of your home to become uneven or sag themselves.

Stuck Doorframes

Finally, the last sign that your home may be suffering from foundation issues is if you find that it is hard to open or close your doors. Your windows may also be affected. This happens when the shifting of your foundation, either because of cracking or soil shifting, causes the frame to change shape. This means that the regular shape of the door or window simply won't fit properly, leading to sticking. You won't be able to restore the function of your doors and windows until you've repaired the underlying foundation damage.