3 Signs That You Should Install A Point-Of-Entry Water Treatment System

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If you have been looking into water treatment systems, you might have seen the affordable point-of-use systems that are available, such as the water treatment devices that can be attached to your kitchen sink. For some people's needs, these systems are sufficient. However, you should know that there might be a better option for you: a point-of-entry water treatment system, which is designed to treat and filter all of the water that enters your home. If you aren't sure if this is the right choice for your household, look for these signs that a point-of-entry water treatment system could be beneficial.

1. You Have Well Water

Having well water can be a wonderful thing; it allows you to save money on your monthly utility bills and can help you enjoy your own natural resources. However, there is a chance that your well water could be contaminated at any time from things like pesticides and chemicals. Having your well inspected regularly is important, but you still might not catch problems right away. Luckily, installing a point-of-entry water treatment system will help you and your family enjoy clean, filtered water on a constant basis.

2. Your Water is Heavily Chlorinated

If you live in an area where you have water that is furnished by the county or city, then you may have noticed that it tastes heavily chlorinated. Chlorine is often added to water to help keep it clean, and the amounts that are added should not be enough to harm even the most sensitive members of your family. However, you might not like the taste or smell of water that is heavily treated, or you might have noticed that it dries out your skin. In these cases, installing a point-of-entry water treatment system will help you enjoy filtered water through every faucet in your home.

3. You Have Hard Water

Hard water, or water that has a lot of mineral deposits in it, can irritate and dry out your skin, cause staining in your toilets, bathtubs and sinks and even affect your pipes and other components of your plumbing system. Installing a point-of-entry water treatment system can be a smart way to prevent damage to your fixtures and plumbing system and irritation to your skin.

As you can see, there are some situations in which a point-of-entry water treatment system is a far better option than a point-of-use treatment system. If any of these three signs seem familiar, you may want to talk to a company like Aquatech Well Drilling & Pumps Inc about installing one of these systems in your home.