What New Doors And Windows Can Do For You

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As you work hard to maintain your home and keep it in the best possible condition, you are constantly considering your next home improvement endeavor. One area that many homeowners neglect until something serious goes wrong is their doors and windows. However, new door and window installation can have innumerable benefits for your home that you cannot get from many other home improvement projects you may think to undertake first. So, get to know some of the many benefits to installing new doors and windows, and make this your next big home improvement project. 

Increased Home Security

Older doors and windows often have outdated locking mechanisms and security features that make them easier targets for would-be criminals and break-in artists. When it comes to your door, the hinges can rust, making it easier to simply remove or break down the door; the materials may degrade, making the door lighter (further aiding in this process); and the locks can rust or simply be models that professional criminals have become skilled at picking. 

New doors that are made out of heavy-duty materials, with brand new locks and deadbolts, and that are well-fitted to your home and door frame, will help to deter break-ins and give you and your family an added sense of security when you lock the doors at night. Many new doors today are steel-reinforced to add strength and durability as well. 

As far as windows go, the older the window, the more worn down the locking mechanisms become, making them easier to jimmy open. Additionally, older windows may use thinner, single pane glass, which is easier to break to reach locks. Thicker glass is not only harder to break, but will likely be much louder when broken through, providing you with a warning should anyone attempt to get into your home through a window. 

Improved Energy Efficiency

In addition to making your home more secure, new door and window installation can drastically improve your home's energy efficiency. Gaps in doors and window frames can account for a great deal of your home's energy loss in both the summer and winter. 

The transfer of cool and/or hot air through gaps and holes in your windows and doors means that your air conditioner and furnace have to work harder than necessary to maintain the temperature in your home. This is detrimental both to the environment and to the balance in your checking account. 

Installing new doors and windows will ensure that they are well-fitted to the frame with no gaps or homes, and that they use more energy efficient materials that further prevent energy transfers. Look for windows and doors that use low-E glass. This glass has a special coating that prevents the transfer of energy and UV-rays through the glass, ensuring the your home uses energy as efficiently as possible.

When considering your next big home improvement project, consider these and the many other benefits that new door and window installation can provide. Added security and money savings on your energy bills are just the beginning of all that you and your home can gain from new windows and doors. 

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